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Tantra Therapy in Cork city



Published on 16 Jan 2024

Name Dakini Jayde
Gender Female
Age 47y
Nationality 🇮🇪 Irish

Tantra Massage is a potent somatic encounter that connects with your nervous system. It is profoundly soothing and rejuvenating for the body and allows delightful waves of energy to emerge from the depths of tranquility achieved within. Utilizing various pressures and expressions of touch, the energy bodies are ignited, and a creative flow arises, expanding into a euphoric and opulent state of being. This affectionate experience has the potential to transform how you perceive pleasure and can foster a positive and prioritizing mindset towards pleasure and ecstasy in your life. Tantra Massage is presented as a ceremonial practice involving breath, reverence, and an intuitive, sensual, and conscious touch. It can be intense yet also deeply calming. It takes us on a pleasurable inner journey, activating dormant and neglected aspects of ourselves, fueling our imaginative passions, and instilling a sense of vitality, expansion, and connection. It is more than just a massage; it is an awakening. It brings harmony to our body and mind. As an experienced Massage Therapist, I incorporate a variety of techniques that I have assimilated over the years. Dakini Jayde: 0877041801

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